SDL Component Suite - SevenSeg

The class TSevenSeg is a component showing seven-segment displays. The layout of the seven-segment display can be varied in many ways (colors, margins, distances between digits, etc.) - for more details please have a look at the online help pages.

Above you see a few examples of seven-segment displays. In addition to the "classical" digits and the decimal point the component provides several special characters, for example, to display hexadecimal code, clocks, or thermometer readings.

The unit SevenSeg is part of the SDL Component Suite.

Free Sample Program

SevenSeg This example application shows the usage of the unit SEVENSEG. The user may change all important parameters of the component.
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What's new:

  • Release 10.6   [Mar-09, 2018]
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  • Release 10.5   [Oct-10, 2016]
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  • Release 10.4   [Jun-02, 2015]
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  • Release 10.3   [Oct-06, 2014]
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  • Release 10.2   [May-30, 2013]
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  • Release 10.1   [Oct-29, 2012]
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  • Release 10.0   [Oct-4, 2011]
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  • Release 9.7   [May-31, 2010]
    • first release to the public