What Our Customers Say...


Following is a collection of feedback from our customers:

I just want to take the opportunity to mention a few positive things to you and your team. Firstly, thank you for your ongoing dedication to higher teaching and learning as well as being a true digital toolmaker. Secondly, my job as a technical analyst would be far more complicated without your component suite. Thirdly, I have been using your tools for over 10 years and still believe Delphi IS the way to go! Frederick Dregischan,
San Diego, USA
I just wanted to say how delighted I have been with the SDL Suite Chart pack. I got it as a better way of doing engineering charts than TChart, with a specific client project in mind. But I underestimated how flexible and usable it was. And the Maths pack was something I didn't check out until I did the purchase. I have really found the FFT and stats useful already. It has already found its way into several other projects. Ray Keefe, Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
Just letting you know how good your product is. My client wanted a curve-fitting module to add to their educational software. I just tweaked your Curve Fitting example and voila, I’m a genius. I tried to tell them that I couldn’t take _all_ the credit, but they wouldn’t listen. What’s a man to do? - Seriously, congratulations on a fantastic piece of software. Steve Craig, Helensvale, Australia
Thanks for the excellent support. In case you're interested, your FFT component is becoming part of a usage recognition software I am developing for the Canadian Department of National Defense for the CH146 Griffon helicopter... Rod Geraghty, GERA-Tech, Canada
... I simply would like to let you, personally, know how very valuable the SDL component suite has been to me. I make use primarily of the Rot3D and Plot3D components. Your components work well; do the important things I have needed; and have clean interfaces. It is hard to write components of this sort that are not overdone, too complex, or show the messy effects of evolution in their interfaces. The SDL suite really is very nice, and it has helped me make very good progress. Roger Ison, Mantic Software Corporation, USA
Thank you for writing an excellent chart component that is now an integral part of nearly all our clients. R. Spurgeon, Paramet Ltd, UK
Thanks for your prompt and professional support. I have always appreciated the high quality of your products and will continue to use them in my work. Larry Muray, USA
... your geomap is about as good as it gets. Try searching the net for something even vaguely close to the functionality you provide and you will find nothing. The only options are the big GIS packages costing more than most of us can afford. John Hnidec, FSAvionics, Australia
I write software for pool/spa water tests. Data is collected via a colorimeter for various test parameters and then charted and analysied. I also display a 3D drawing of the pool or spa based on measurements entered and the water volume is calculated. Your components play a small part in the entire scope the project but it's a critical part none the less. The users love the end result which gives me a edge in the market place. I can also be confident as new versions are released that I can compile and distribute without the fear of major problems. Your product has been very stable for me over the years. Thanks anonymous feedback
I have been using these components for some years now and I still find them absolutely invaluable for my work. Long may it continue! I paid a "one-off" fee for the components and I don't feel that I am contributing to further development. I would be happy to pay an additional fee if new components are introduced. anonymous feedback
Absolutely superb components, and very good value for money. I generally write my own components, but the examples and help are excellent, and saved me weeks. Well done ! anonymous feedback
... thanks for the prompt reply. I've been using your software for a couple of years now (this is the second time that I have purchased the pack) and have been very happy with it... even recommended it to a few people. David McClymont, Queensland Government, Australia
I really like your work for its simplicity, quality, and clarity of design. I hope you can continue to produce these products. Well worth the money. Have recommended to colleagues. anonymous feedback
I have found the SDL Suite to be outstanding. Currently I am using RChart and other SDL tools for use in advanced gear design software. The involute gear design software is going to market within a month, the non-involute software in about three months. SDL tools are the best I have found in over twenty years of programming, and I use them in all my commercial Delphi software development. Matt Hawkins, USA
This really is a terrific product, I have been using the suite since it came out and I am very very impressed with the quality and breadth. Thank you for a superb product. anonymous feedback