Component Suite Online Help

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SDL Forum.

There are two discussion groups set up to provide help and expertise on technical matters of the SDL Component Suite. The discussion groups are - along with the Online Help and the SDL TechNotes - the most important sources of know-how concerning the SDL Component Suite.

If you want to have a quick look at the functionality of the SDL Component Suite you may want to use our Online Help pages:

Online Help

If you prefer to use the SDL Component Suite help as a local installation, you can either download the help file as HTMLHelp, or as individual html files (a copy of the online help).

Download the HTMLHelp
(recommended) [7.9 MB]
Please read the SDL Technotes if you have troubles viewing the help.

Download the HTML File Archive
[13.8 MB]

If you speak German, you may be interested in a free course on Delphi. This introduction to programming with Delphi™ is in German language and is targeting at beginners: