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Using TNumIO

The component TNumIO is deprecated and should not be used in new designs. Please use component TNumIO2 as a direct replacement.

The utilization of TNumIO is straightforward. Put it on the form where you want it to be and set up the properties as you need them.

TNumIO has been designed to provide a way to enter numeric values in various numeric formats. The numeric format (integer, floating point, exponential, binary, octal, hexadecimal) can be selected using the InputFormat property. Setting it to itDynamic leaves the choice of the numeric format to the user.

The properties RangeLow and RangeHigh allows to restrict the range of valid numbers. Any number beyond this range will not be accepted by the control. Note that the valid input range can be restricted to positive numbers only by setting the property RangeLow to zero.

The entered number can be accessed both as a string (property Text) or as a number (readonly property Value). The property Text can be used to preset a specific value of the control programmatically.

Last Update: 2013-May-14