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Class: none
TrcChartItem = record
                 x, y         : double;
                 x2, y2       : double;
                 Color        : TColor;
                 FillColor    : TColor;
                 ShadowColor  : TColor;
                 HiLightColor : TColor;
                 PenStyle     : TPenStyle;
                 Tag          : longint;
                 LWid         : integer;
                 ItemClass    : byte;
                 ItemKind     : TrcItem;
                 Layer        : integer;
                 Transp       : boolean;
                 FrameStyle   : TFrameStyle;
                 Text         : string[15];
                 Param1       : integer;
                 Param2       : integer;
                 Param3       : integer;
                 CoordMode    : TCoordMode;

This type declaration defines the basic element of the data container which stores the graphics items. TrcChartItem is normally not utilized by the user except for some special situations.

The variables declared in TrcChartItem have the following meaning:

x,y Coordinates of the position of the item. If an item is defined by two points (like a line), x and y contain the first point (which is the reference point)
x2,y2 The second point of an item (in case of lines and rectangles). For ellipses, x2 is the length of the horizontal half axis, and y2 is the length of the vertical half axis.
Color The color of the item (if applicable).
FillColor The filling color (if applicable)
ShadowColor The color of the shadow part of the frame.
HiLightColor The color of the highlighted part of the frame.
PenStyle The style of the pen.
Tag A user defined data tag.
LWid The line width (if applicable).
ItemClass An arbitrary item class number which is used in some methods of TRChart.
ItemKind Indicator of the type of the item (see TrcItem for details).
Layer Layer the element belongs to.
Transp Transparency of the element.
FrameStyle The style of the frame of a framed rectangle
Text A string of max. 15 characters for text items.
Param1 The size of a text, the size of the arrow head, the angle of the 3D bar, the x offset of a line, the font size of a marking character, or the starting angle of an arc
Param2 The depth of a 3D bar, the ending angle of an arc, the transparency of the text background, the y offset of a line.
Param3 The mark index in the case of tkMarkAt items, or the text alignment (in the case of Text items).
CoordMode Determines the interpretation of the coordinates (world coordinates, screen coordinates, mixed mode).

Last Update: 2017-Sep-07