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Class TCustomTextLabel

TCustomTextLabel = class (TPersistent)
    ... (removed for brevity)
    constructor Create;
    destructor Destroy; override;
    procedure Changed;
    property PosX: double;
    property PosY: double;
    property Layer: integer;
    property AttachToData: TTxtLblAttachMode;
    property ColorBkg: TColor;
    property ColorBorder: TColor;
    property ColorShadow: TColor;
    property ShadowDx: integer;
    property ShadowDy: integer;
    property Transparent: boolean;
    property Alignment: TAlignment;
    property VerticalAlignment: TVerticalAlignment;
    property Font: TFont;
    property Mode: TTxtLblMode;
    property Caption: string;
    property Visible: boolean;
    property OnChange: TNotifyEvent;
    procedure WriteToOpenXMLFile (var OutFile: TextFile; CreateHeader: boolean; DataID: string);
    procedure ReadFromOpenXMLFile (var InFile: TextFile);

The TCustomTextLabel class has been defined to provide convenient user-defined text labels which are used in various components of the SDL Suite.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20