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Class:TVector, TIntVector
Declaration: [1] function TVector.StoreOnFile (FirstElem, LastElem, Precision: integer; FileName:string): boolean;
[2] function TIntVector.StoreOnFile (FirstElem, LastElem: integer; FileName:string): boolean;

The function StoreOnFile stores the values of the vector elements in a simply formatted ASCII file. The parameters FirstElem, and LastElem, define the range of the vector to be stored on the file. The parameter FileName contains the file name specification. StoreOnFile returns a TRUE value if the vector elements have been stored successfully.

In the case of TVector (floating point numbers) the parameter Precision (declaration [1]) determines the format and the number of decimal places used for storing the data:

Precision Explanation
0..20 floating point notation, 0 to 20 decimal places
-1 exponential notation with 6 significant numbers
-2 exponential notation with full precision (18 significant numbers)

Last Update: 2013-Feb-23