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Declaration:procedure StandardizeNumCellRows (means, stddevs: TVector);

The method StandardizeNumCellRows standardizes the rows of the numeric cells (cells which are neither marked as csNAN, nor as csUndefined) of the data table. This means that the elements of the data matrix are transformed in a way that each row of the matrix has thereafter a zero mean and unit standard deviation. The means and the standard deviations of all rows are returned in the parameters means and stddevs. The matrix must not contain nominal or ordinal variables, otherwise an exception will be raised. StandardizeNumCellRows triggers the OnChange event.

Please note that size of the vector parameters means and stddevs has to be equal to NrOfRows. The parameters means and stddevs may be set to NIL, if these results are not needed.

Hint: Background information on the standardization of data can be found in Fundamentals of Statistics.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20