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Unit: SDL_replist
Class: TReportListView
Declaration: procedure SortEnabledState (SortColumn1, SortColumn2: integer; Ascending: boolean);

The method SortEnabledState uses the enabled/disabled state of all rows displaying the enabled rows at the top of the list and the disabled rows at the bottom. In addition to sorting according to the enabled state the parameters SortColumn1, SortColumn2 and Ascending control the sorting within the enabled and disabled regions. In each region the entries are sorted according column SortColumn1 as the primary sorting key and SortColumn2 as the secondary key.

Setting SortColumn1 to negative values suppresses any sorting - the rows are displayed at their original position, resulting in a mix of enabled and disabled rows. If SortColumn is set to zero, the rows are not sorted, but their positions are rearranged so that all enabled rows are listed first, and all disabled rows are following. The parameter Ascending controls the direction of the sorting.

Last Update: 2020-Aug-23