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Declaration:procedure ShowGraf;

The method ShowGraf brings the generated chart to the display. Note that in general, all the graphics elements of a chart are drawn in the off and copied to the visible screen by the method ShowGraf. This ensures that the flickering of the screen is effectively prevented during the drawing of an element. You should run the sample files RCH2WIN and RCHMOVEL in order to get a first impression.

Note: The actual process executed by ShowGraf depends on the property AutoRedraw. If AutoRedraw is TRUE, then only the data area is reconstructed and displayed. Otherwise the whole chart window (including the axes) is constructed from scratch and displayed.

Example: This method is used in the following example programs (see for downloading the code): chartpolygons, cluster, convexhull, curvefit, dendro, duallayer, fft60hz, fft, fdistri, findcent, foursynt, ftfilter, geodata, interpol3d, kohmap, multilinreg, objcur, percentile, printcht, processc, rch2win, rch3dbar, rchdrag, rchfifo, rchmovel, rclegend, rcshared, rctstspd, rctextlabel, simplepca, spline

Last Update: 2017-Sep-13