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Declaration: procedure SaveAsXMLFile (FName: string; DataID: string);

The method SaveAsXMLFile stores the contents of the TRLData structure as an XML file on the disk. The parameter FName specifies the name of the file to be generated, the parameter DataID holds a unique identifier which is stored as the attribute "id " of the <replist> tag. If the parameter DataID is empty, the value of the property DataID is used instead of an empty string. For a detailed description of the generated tags please see the method WriteToOpenXMLFile.

Please note that the data is stored using the current sort order. Thus it is recommended to perform an UnSort before saving the data.

Example: Following is a sample XML code generated by SaveAsXMLFile. The parameter DataID has been set to 'Test':

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- TRLData / SDL Component Suite -->
<replist sig="SDLCSuite" vers="1.0" id="Test">
<colname ix="1">Cust.No.</colname>
<colname ix="2">First Name</colname>
<colname ix="3">Last Name</colname>
<colname ix="4">Address</colname>
<columnformat ix="1">[i][120]0001</columnformat>
<checkedcolumn ix="2" />
<checkedcolumn ix="3" />
<cell ix="1" iy="1">1</cell>
<cell ix="3" iy="1">Hayek</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="2">2</cell>
<cell ix="2" iy="2"checked=""></cell>
<cell ix="3" iy="2">Miller</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="3">3</cell>
<cell ix="3" iy="3">Arsenna</cell>
<cell ix="4" iy="3">Richmond, California</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="5">5</cell>
<cell ix="2" iy="5">Jack</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="6">6</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="8">8</cell>
<cell ix="2" iy="8">Sally</cell>
<cell ix="3" iy="8" checked="">Horvath</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="9">9</cell>
<cell ix="3" iy="9" checked="">Stewart</cell>
<cell ix="4" iy="9">Cape Town, RSA</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="10">10</cell>
<cell ix="2" iy="10">Morgan</cell>
<cell ix="3" iy="10" checked="">Maltese</cell>
<cell ix="1" iy="13">13</cell>
<cell ix="2" iy="13">Dave</cell>
<cell ix="4" iy="13">Taipei, Taiwan</cell>

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20