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Unit: SDL_datatable
Class: TDataTable
Declaration: function RemoveMarkedRows (FirstRow, LastRow: integer; CState: byte): integer;

The method RemoveMarkedRows deletes all rows in the range from FirstRow to LastRow which contain at least one data cell whose cell state (partially) matches the parameter CState (i.e. a bitwise AND of the cell state and CState is not zero). The size of the table is automatically decreased by the number of matched rows. The method RemoveMarkedRows triggers the OnChangeSetup event.

The function returns the number of deleted rows if everything is OK or -1 if the FirstRow or the LastRow parameter is out of range.

Hint: Setting both FirstRow and LastRow to zero values is a shortcut for setting FirstRow=1 and LastRow=NrOfRows, i.e. the entire data table is scanned for matching cells if both parameters are set to zero.

Last Update: 2019-Dec-23