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Public Constants

Constant Value Explanation
IsLightEd - see description
LMTypeNames array[TLandMarkElement] of string = ('Cross', 'Square', 'Triangle', 'Circle', 'ArrowFrom', 'ArrowTo', 'CrossBox', 'Spade', 'User-Defined'); clear text names of landmark types
MapLRMargin30 left and right margin on blank maps
MapTBMargin30 top and bottom margin on blank maps
MAXCALPOINTS10 maximum number of calibration points per graticule line
MAXCALLINES25 maximum number of calibration lines per map
MAXMAPSIZE 8000000 maximum map size in pixels (width times height of image). This constraint has been introduced to avoid long loading times for maps, and to cope with a general problem of Windows 95/98/ME which cannot load bitmaps larger than 16 MB.
MAXCALQUADS 200 max. number of calibration quadruples for the biquadratic regression model
MAXGMZOOMSTACK16 depth of zoom stack
MAXMAGNIFY 10.0 maximum magnification factor
MAXMTRACE 5000 max. number of vertices of a mouse trace
MINMAGNIFY0.1 minimum magnification factor
Release - see description
SDLVersionInfo - see description

Last Update: 2017-May-21