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Unit: SDL_rchart
Class: TContourPlot
Declaration: procedure PrintIt (ScaleF: double; BlkWhite: boolean);

The method PrintIt provides a way to create a high resolution hardcopy on the currently selected printer. You may change the selected printer by assigning a proper value to the PrinterIndex property of the Printer object before calling PrintIt. The parameter ScaleF determines the magnification factor of the printout. A factor of 1.0 creates an output which has roughly the size of the screen image (assuming a monitor resolution of 80 dots per inch). If the parameter BlkWhite is set to TRUE, the colors of the chart are suppressed and the chart is printed in black and white. This is normally the best way to proceed with B&W printers.

Hint 1: There are a few restrictions concerning the printout created by PrintIt. These restrictions are due to some bugs (or "features"?) in the Windows graphics library and in some printer drivers: (1) light colors are not printed at all on some black and white printers; (2) flying shadows are not printed properly on some printers; (3) text items are not properly clipped at the chart borders on some printers.

Note, that PrintIt prints only the contour plot but not any auxiliary elements such as the crosshairs, or the mouse cursor.

The name of the printout (in the case you print to a file) will be set to the Caption of the chart, or, if the Caption is empty, to the Name property of the component.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20