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Declaration:property Precision[ColNr: longint]: shortint;

The property Precision determines the number of decimal places used to display the data of the column ColNr. If the parameter ColNr is set to an invalid value, the precision is either left unchanged (on write), or a zero value is returned (on read). The property Precision may receive a negative value, which causes the values to be displayed in exponential notation.

If any of the values in the table is smaller than the value that can be represented by the specified number of decimal places, this value is displayed using exponential notation. The same is true for entries which need more than ten digits to be displayed. If the property Precision is set to any negative value, the table entries are always displayed in exponential notation.

Hint: The maximum value of Precision is restricted to 10. Any value higher than 10 will be automatically restricted to 10.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20