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Class: TNTabEd
Declaration: property PopupHMask: longint;

The property PopupHMask lets you configure the state of the popup menu of the header area. By setting the appropriate bit in PopupHMask you can enable or disable a specific entry of the popup menu. The assignment of the mask bits are defined by the following constants:

phEditIdentifier = $0001;
phChangePrecision = $0002;
phSelectRowColumn = $0004;
phInsertRowColumn = $0008;
phDeleteRowColumn = $0010;
phAllCmds = $FFFFFFFF;

In order to enable or disable a specific entry of the menu, these constants can be used to assemble the proper mask.

Example: The statement PopupHMask := phChangePrecision + phSelectRowColumn; enables the commands "Change Precision" and "Select Column/Row" of the header popup menu.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20