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Class: TNTabEd
Declaration: property PopupDCaptions[ix: integer]: TDTNameStr;

The array property PopupDCaptions allows to adjust the captions of the popup menu of the data area. The parameter ix determines which menu entry is affected and may assume values between 1 and MaxPopupDCmds. Values below and above this range are ignored.

By default the popup menu of the data area contains the following entries:
ix   Default Caption
1Mark as type A
2Mark as type B
3Unmark type A
4Unmark type B
5Unmark All
9Edit on/off
10Extract from Clipboard
11Select All
12Toggle Empty State

Hint: Please note that the submenus of the 'Mark' and 'Unmark' commands have to be processed separately by setting the array properties PopupMCaptions and PopupUCaptions.

Example: The statement PopupDCaptions[11] := 'Alle auswählen'; translates the eleventh entry ('Select All') into German language.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20