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Declaration:property Parameters: string;

The property Parameters is a string which contains any number of parameters using the following format:

param1="xyz1" param2="xyz2" .... paramN="xyzN"

The parameter string is available in the OnFileSelect event. Individual parameters can be extracted from the string by using the methods ExtractParamAsString, ExtractParamAsInt, and ExtractParamAsDouble.

There are four predefined parameters which are used to configure the standard save dialog (if property UseStandardDialog is TRUE): "ext", "filter", "initialdir", and "caption". Setting the "filter" and "caption" parameters allows you to influence the Title and the Filters properties of the standard save dialog, the parameter "initialdir" controls the initial directory which is displayed in the standard save dialog. If the "ext" parameter is defined, the dialog component automatically replaces the file extension by the extension defined in the parameter "ext" (the file extension has to be specified without the leading dot).

Example: Assuming that you are using the standard Delphi save dialog as the file select dialog, the following statement will set the filter and the title of the dialog (USaveDiag1 is an instance of TUnivSaveDialog):
USaveDiag1.Parameters := 'filter="Images|*.bmp;*.jpg;*.png" caption="My special dialog"';

Last Update: 2015-Feb-02