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Unit: SDL_rot3d
Class: TRot3D
Declaration: property OnLblRequest: TLblRequestEvent;
{ TLblRequestEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; obj: integer; var LblText: string; var dx, dy: integer; var HAlign: TAlignment; var VAlign: TVerticalAlignment; LblFont: TFont) of object; }

The OnLblRequest event is triggered whenever a symbol with an ordinal between 1 and MAXCANVASMARKS is drawn. This enables the user to draw a text label besides the symbol. The text of the label has to be passed in LblText. The parameter obj is the index into the data container of the corresponding symbol. You may use the obj parameter, for example, to obtain extra information on the symbol.

The parameters dx and dy specify the offset of the text from the reference position in pixels. HAlign and VAlign control the text alignment, and LblFont contains the font parameters used to render the label.

Last Update: 2014-Oct-01