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Unit: SDL_rchart
Class: TContourPlot
Declaration: OnBeforeCrossHairMove: TBeforeCrossHMoveEvent;
{TBeforeCrossHMoveEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; WhichCrossHair: TCrossHair; dx, dy: integer; var AllowMove: boolean) of object;}

The event OnBeforeCrossHairMove occurs after the user clicked the mouse and before the crosshair is actually moved (MouseAction has to be set to maDragCrossH). See TBeforeCrossHMoveEvent for a detailed description of the event.

Hint: This event occurs only once after clicking the mouse button (which triggers the initial move of the crosshair to the current mouse position). All further movements of the crosshair while the mouse button is pressed can be monitored by the OnCrossHairMove event.

Last Update: 2016-Jun-27