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Methods, Properties and Declarations of Vector

Type Declarations
ESDLVectorError TIntegMethod

Elem IsEmpty Leng

AbsVal Add Assign
Changed Clear Clone
CopyFrom CopyFromArray CopyToArray
Correlate Create Destroy
DotProduct EuclideanDistance ExportAsASC
Fill FillRandomGauss FillRandomUniform
Find FindExact FindInSortedVector
Free GeometricMean HarmonicMean
Histogram ImportASC Integrate
IsDichotomous LoadFromFile LoadFromStream
MakeValidElemRange MeanCenter MeanVar
MinMax Mirror Mode
PearsonCorrCoeff Percentile QNormalize
Quartiles Resize SaveToStream
ShuffleElems SkewKurt SkewKurtSample
SMult SortElems Standardize
StoreOnFile Subtract Sum

OnChange OnSortExchange

Last Update: 2020-Jul-17