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Properties and Methods of SDLBase

Public Variables
AbortMathProc LastProcStat MathFeedBackProc

Public Constants DistModeId ISO639_2Char
ISO639_3Char HTMLLat1Entities LanguageID
MonthLong MonthShort NumWords
WeekdayLong WeekdayShort XML Tags

Type Declarations
ESDLError FeedBackProcType TAxis
TBkgFill TBool2DArray TBoolArray
TBoundingBox TBuf16k TBuf4096
TBytes TCellPosition4D TColoredPoint
TColorScheme TCrossHair TCrossHMode
TCSVDelimiters TDataBuffer TDateForTime
TDateOrder TDecPSep TDegreeFormat
TDims TDirection TDouble2DArray
TDouble3DArray TDouble4DArray TDoubleArray
TDTLabel TFeedbackProc TFigType
TFrameStyle TInt2DArray TInt3DArray
TInt4DArray TIntArray TLanguage
TMouseActMode TMouseBoxState TOnCheckAbortEvent
TOnPercentDoneEvent TOnRubberBandActionEvent TOrientation
TPDblArray TPIntArray TPointDouble
TQuad TRectDouble TRubberBandEvent
TScaleType TSelectRectEvent TShadowStyle
TSingleArray TSortExchgEvent TStrArray
TStr2DArray TTimeFormat TTriState
TTxtLblAttachMode TTxtLblMode TYearLength
TZoomPanEvent TZoomPanMode TZoomState
TVariantArray TVarKind TVerticalAlignment

Procedures and Functions
CreateMarkAsBitMap DrawFrame DrawMarkOnCanvas
DrawRectangle FontIsTrueType PrintBitmap
ResolveCSVDelimiter SetCanvasFontSizeScaled

Class TCustomTextLabel Properties and Methods of TCustomTextLabel


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