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Class: none
Declaration: function ItemDescription (ChartItem: TRcChartItem; Mode: integer): string;

The function ItemDescription returns a string describing the contents of the chart/annotation item ChartItem. The function has been implemented to support difficult debugging situations. The Mode parameter determines which of the parameters of a chart item are included jn the string. The Mode parameter is built by adding some of the following constants:


constant value included items
ITP_ELEMTYPE $00000001 kind of element
ITP_COORDS $00000002 coordinates
ITP_COLORS $00000004 colors
ITP_TAGS $00000008 item tag
ITP_CLASSES $00000010 class number of item
ITP_FULL $ffffffff all parameters


Example: The statement
astr := ItemDescription (MyItem, ITP_ELEMTYPE+ITP_TAGS);
returns a string to the variable astr which contains the kind of the item and its tag value.

Last Update: 2018-Feb-09