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Interface of SDL_Rot3D

  defDataCol    = clblack;                                { default data color }
  defFrameCol   = clBlack;                               { default frame color }
  defChartCol   = clWhite;                    { default chart background color }
  defR3Height   = 300;                                        { default height }
  defR3Width    = 450;                                         { default width }
  MaxItemColors = 31;                        { number of different item colors }
  SDLVersionInfo = 'rot3d_r1070_full';
  IsLightEd = false;
  SDLVersionInfo = 'rot3d_r1070_lighted';
  IsLightEd = true;
  release = 1070;

  ESDLRot3DError = class(ESDLError);       { exception type to indicate errors }
  Tr3Item = (tkNone, tkMarkAt, tkLineto, tkLine, tkMoveto, tkEverything);

  Tr3ChartItem = record
                   x,y,z      : double;                  { coordinates of Item }
                   color      : TColor;                        { color of Item }
                   tag        : longint;                    { user defined tag }
                   ItemKind   : Tr3Item;
                   x2,y2,z2   : double;                                 { line }
                   marklw     : byte;                        { mark/line width }

  TAxDir = (adLeftHanded, adRightHanded);
  TRenderEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Canvas: TCanvas) of object;
  TLblRequestEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; obj: integer;
          var LblText: string; var dx, dy: integer; var HAlign: TAlignment;
          var VAlign: TVerticalAlignment; LblFont: TFont) of object;
  TRot3D = class (TCustomControl)
              CubeCorners     : array [0..7,1..3] of longint;   { cube corners }
              FViewAngle      : array[1..3] of double;    { view point of data }
              GrafBmp         : TBitmap;          { off-screen graphics bitmap }
              FMouseAction    : TMouseActMode;  { type of allowed mouse action }
              FDataCol        : TColor;                        { color of data }
              FLineWidth      : integer;                      { width of lines }
              FAxDir          : TAxDir;                    { direction of axes }
              FDataTag        : longint;                    { user defined tag }
              FFrameCol       : TColor;                       { color of frame }
              FChartCol       : TColor;            { color of chart background }
              FColBlackLine   : TColor;             { colors to draw the frame }
              FColGrayLine    : TColor;                       { -"- }
              FColWhiteLine   : TColor;                       { -"- }
              FColorScheme    : TColorScheme;         { color scheme of frames }
              FColorCubeFrame : TColor;
              FColorCubeHidLin: TColor;
              FColorCubeFaceHi: TColor;
              FColorCubeFaceLo: TColor;
              FFontPixPerInch : integer;
              FBoundBox       : TBoundingBox;               { surrounding cube }
              FBBSize         : integer;                { size of bounding box }
              FAxSize         : integer;                      { length of axes }
              FShowAxes       : boolean;                     { TRUE: show axes }
              FFrameStyle     : TFrameStyle;                  { style of frame }
              FIsoMetric      : boolean;           { isometric display if TRUE }
              FAutoOrigin     : boolean;{ TRUE: calculate origin automatically }
              FAutoScale      : boolean;      { TRUE: scale data automatically }
              FOrigin         : array[1..3] of double;  { origin of coord.syst.}
              FAxName         : array[1..3] of string;         { name of axes }
              FMagnify        : integer;            { 1 / magnification factor }
              FMagAnchor      : double;   { magnification anchor for rel. zoom }
              FMinCoord       : array[1..3] of integer;
              FMaxCoord       : array[1..3] of integer;
              FAngleAnchor    : array[1..3] of double;
              FScaleFact      : array[1..3] of double;{factor for fixed scaling}
              FItemColors     : array[0..MaxItemColors] of TColor;
                                                        { loadable item colors }
              FCentX          : integer;                     { center of chart }
              FCentY          : integer;
              FCentXAnchor    : integer;
              FCentYAnchor    : integer;
              FRotMat         : array[1..3,1..3] of longint; { rotation matrix }
              NRotObj         : integer;     { number of objects to be rotated }
              FRotDataX       : array of integer;   { data to be processed - x }
              FRotDataY       : array of integer;   { data to be processed - y }
              FRotDataZ       : array of integer;   { data to be processed - z }
              FBackLink       : array of longint; { pointer array to graph. items }
              FRotProp        : array of byte;{ bit 0..4 = color,
                                                bit 5..7 = action:$20 ... MoveTo
                                                                  $40 ... LineTo
                                                                  $60 ... MarkAt }
              FRotMark        : array of byte;                     { mark type }
              FLineWid        : array of byte;                    { line width }
              FRotMat3D       : boolean;            { 2D or 3D rotation matrix }
              FTextFontStyle  : TFontStyles;       { font style of text labels }
              FTextMarkSize   : byte;                { size of character marks }
              MouseAnchorX    : integer;      { anchor for relative mouse move }
              MouseAnchorY    : integer;
              FNumChartItems  : longint;{ no. of chart items in data container }
              FNumAllocated   : longint; { number of allocated container cells }
              FAllocSize      : integer;  { allocation size for data container }
              FOnDataRendered : TRenderEvent;
              FOnBefRenderData: TRenderEvent;
              FOnLblRequest   : TLblRequestEvent;

              procedure ConstructDataBmp (cv: TCanvas; BlkWhite: boolean);
              procedure InitGraf (cv: TCanvas; BlkWhite: boolean; AddOn: integer);
              procedure SetDataCol (c: TColor);
              procedure SetDataTag (tag: longint);
              procedure SetFrameCol (c: TColor);
              procedure SetChartCol (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColCubeFrame (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColCubeHidLin (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColCubeFaceLow (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColCubeFaceHigh (c: TColor);
              procedure SetMagnify (mag: double);
              procedure SetLineWidth (wid: integer);
              function  GetAxNameX: string;
              function  GetAxNameY: string;
              function  GetAxNameZ: string;
              function  GetChartItem (idx: longint): Tr3ChartItem;
              function  GetMagnify: double;
              function  GetTypeOfFirstItem: Tr3Item;
              function  GetTypeOfLastItem: Tr3Item;
              function  GetViewAngleX: double;
              function  GetViewAngleY: double;
              function  GetViewAngleZ: double;
              function  GetOriginX: double;
              function  GetOriginY: double;
              function  GetOriginZ: double;
              function  GetRotMat (ix, iy: integer): double;
              function  GetScaleFactX: double;
              function  GetScaleFactY: double;
              function  GetScaleFactZ: double;
              procedure SetChartitem (idx: longint; item: Tr3ChartItem);
              procedure SetColorScheme (Value: TColorScheme);
              procedure SetCubeCorners;
              procedure SetFrameStyle (value: TFrameStyle);
              procedure SetBoundBoxStyle (value: TBoundingBox);
              procedure SetBoundBoxSize (value: integer);
              function  GetBoundBoxSize: integer;
              procedure SetAllocSize (alloc: integer);
              procedure SetAxSize (value: integer);
              procedure SetAxDir (value: TAxDir);
              procedure SetCentX (value: integer);
              procedure SetCentY (value: integer);
              procedure SetIsoMetric (value: boolean);
              procedure SetAutoOrigin (value: boolean);
              procedure SetAutoScale (value: boolean);
              procedure SetShowAxes (value: boolean);
              procedure SetTextFontStyle (tfs: TFontStyles);
              procedure SetTextMarkSize (tms: byte);
              procedure SetViewAngleX (value: double);
              procedure SetViewAngleY (value: double);
              procedure SetViewAngleZ (value: double);
              procedure SetOriginX (value: double);
              procedure SetOriginY (value: double);
              procedure SetOriginZ (value: double);
              procedure SetScaleFactX (value: double);
              procedure SetScaleFactY (value: double);
              procedure SetScaleFactZ (value: double);
              procedure SetAxNameX (value: string);
              procedure SetAxNameY (value: string);
              procedure SetAxNameZ (value: string);
              procedure SetMRot3Axes (value: boolean);
              FDataContainer : array of Tr3ChartItem;    { array of drawing items }
              procedure MouseMove (Shift: TShiftState; X,Y: integer); override;
              procedure CalcRotMatrix_2Ax; virtual;
              procedure CalcRotMatrix_3Ax; virtual;
              procedure CalcRotMatrix;
              procedure Paint; override;
              constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;
              destructor Destroy; override;
              procedure Clear;
              property  ColorData: TColor
                           read FDataCol write SetDataCol default DefDataCol;
              procedure CopyToBMP (FName: string; IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure CopyToWMF (FName: string; IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure CopyToClipboardWMF (IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure CopyToClipboard (IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure PrintIt (ScaleF: double; BlkWhite, IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure CopyToOpenPrinter (var x,y: integer; ScaleF: double;
                           BlkWhite, IncludeFrame: boolean);
              property  DataContainer[idx: longint]: Tr3ChartItem
                           read GetChartItem write SetChartItem;
              property  DataTag: longint read FDataTag write SetDataTag;
              procedure MakeVisible;
              procedure Drawto (x,y,z: double);
              function  FindNearestItemScreen (mx, my: integer; ItemID: Tr3Item;
                           var dist: double): longint;
              function  FindNearestItemReal (mx, my, mz: double; ItemID: Tr3Item;
                           var dist: double): longint;
              function  GetItemParams (Item: longint): Tr3ChartItem;
              procedure SetItemParams (Item: longint; ItParams: Tr3ChartItem);
              procedure Line (x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2: double);
              property  LineWidth: integer read FLineWidth write SetLineWidth;
              procedure Moveto (x,y,z: double);
              procedure MarkAt (x,y,z: double; mk: byte);
              property  NumItems: longint read FNumChartItems;
              procedure RemoveLastItem;
              procedure RemoveFirstItem;
              procedure RemoveItem (Index: longint);
              procedure SetViewAngles (vax, vay, vaz: double);
              procedure SetOrigins (vax, vay, vaz: double);
              procedure SetScaleFactors (sfx, sfy, sfz: double);
              property  TypeOfLastItem: Tr3Item read GetTypeOfLastItem;
              property  TypeOfFirstItem: Tr3Item read GetTypeOfFirstItem;
              property  RotMat [ix,iy: integer]: double read GetRotMat;
              property  ScaleFactX: double
                           read GetScaleFactX write SetScaleFactX;
              property  ScaleFactY: double
                           read GetScaleFactY write SetScaleFactY;
              property  ScaleFactZ: double
                           read GetScaleFactZ write SetScaleFactZ;
              property Font;
              property Align;
              property Visible;
              property ShowHint;
              property PopupMenu;
              property AllocSize: integer read FAllocSize write SetAllocSize;
              property CentX: integer read FCentX write SetCentX;
              property CentY: integer read FCentY write SetCentY;
              property ColorFrame: TColor
                          read FFrameCol write SetFrameCol default DefFrameCol;
              property ColorChart: TColor
                          read FChartCol write SetChartCol default DefChartCol;
              property ColorScheme: TColorScheme
                          read FColorScheme write SetColorScheme;
              property ColorCubeFrame: TColor
                          read FColorCubeFrame write setColCubeFrame;
              property ColorCubeHidLin: TColor
                          read FColorCubeHidLin write SetColCubeHidLin;
              property ColorCubeFaceLow: TColor
                          read FColorCubeFaceLo write SetColCubeFaceLow;
              property ColorCubeFaceHigh: TColor
                          read FColorCubeFaceHi write SetColCubeFaceHigh;
              property IsoMetric: boolean read FIsoMetric write SetIsometric;
              property AutoOrigin: boolean read FAutoOrigin write SetAutoOrigin;
              property AutoScale: boolean read FAutoScale write SetAutoScale;
              property FrameStyle: TFrameStyle
                          read FFrameStyle write SetFrameStyle;
              property Magnification: double read GetMagnify write SetMagnify;
              property MouseAction: TMouseActMode
                          read FMouseAction write FMouseAction;
              property MouseRot3Axes: boolean read FRotMat3D write SetMRot3Axes;
              property BoundBoxStyle: TBoundingBox
                          read FBoundBox write SetBoundboxStyle;
              property BoundBoxSize: integer
                          read GetBoundBoxSize write SetBoundBoxSize;
              property AxDir: TAxDir read FAxDir write SetAxDir;
              property AxSize: integer read FAxSize write SetAxSize;
              property AxNameX: string read GetAxNameX write SetAxNameX;
              property AxNameY: string read GetAxNameY write SetAxNameY;
              property AxNameZ: string read GetAxNameZ write SetAxNameZ;
             property StyleElements;
              property ShowAxes: boolean read FShowAxes write SetShowAxes;
              property TextFontStyle: TFontStyles
                          read FTextFontStyle write SetTextFontStyle;
              property TextMarkSize: byte read FTextMarkSize write SetTextMarkSize;
              property ViewAngleX: double
                          read GetViewAngleX write SetViewAngleX stored true;
              property ViewAngleY: double
                          read GetViewAngleY write SetViewAngleY stored true;
              property ViewAngleZ: double
                          read GetViewAngleZ write SetViewAngleZ stored true;
              property OriginX: double read GetOriginX write SetOriginX;
              property OriginY: double read GetOriginY write SetOriginY;
              property OriginZ: double read GetOriginZ write SetOriginZ;
              property OnBeforeRenderData: TRenderEvent
                          read FOnBefRenderData write FOnBefRenderData;
              property OnDataRendered: TRenderEvent
                          read FOnDataRendered write FOnDataRendered;
              property OnLblRequest: TLblRequestEvent
                          read FOnLblRequest write FOnLblRequest;
              property OnClick;
              property OnDblClick;
              property OnMouseMove;
              property OnMouseDown;
              property OnMouseUp;
              property OnMouseWheel;
              property OnMouseWheelUp;
              property OnMouseWheelDown;
              property OnKeyPress;
              property OnKeyDown;
              property OnKeyUp;

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20