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Unit: SDL_cdata
Class: none
Declaration: [1] function GetEDXLines (AtNr: integer; var KAlpha, LAlpha, MLine: double): integer;
[2] function GetEDXLines (LowEngy, HighEngy: double; var SortedLines: TDoubleArray; var SortedAtNr: TIntArray): integer;

The overloaded function GetEDXLines returns the analytically interesting energies for EDX analysis.

Version [1] returns the energy in keV for a particular chemical element specified by the atomic number of the element (parameter AtNr, valid range: 4 [Be] to 92 [U]). The parameters KAlpha, LAlpha and MLine contain energies of the Ka, La and M transmissions, respectively. If any of these transmission is not usable, the corresponding parameter returns a zero value. The function returns the number of available lines, or -1 if the AtNr parameter is out of range.

Version [2] returns all lines in a given interval specified by the parameters LowEngy and HighEngy. The variable parameter SortedLines contains the found energies sorted in increasing order. The corresponding atomic number is returned in the array SortedAtNr. The function value reflects the number of found lines.

Last Update: 2020-Jul-09