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Declaration: [1] function FPNumToHex (innum: extended): string;
[2] function FPNumToHex (innum: double): string;
[3] function FPNumToHex (innum: single): string;

The function FPNumToHex converts the floating point number innum into a hexdecimal string which represents the exact IEEE binary value. This allows to store floating point numbers as a string without any rounding problems. The resulting string is of different length depending on the type of the floating point nummber: version [1] creates a 20 character string, version [2] a 16 character string, and version [3] a 8 character string.

Hint: As the extended data type is restricted to 64 bits under 64-bit operating systems version [1] of FPNumToHex is only available under 32-bit operating systems (Win32).

Last Update: 2013-Jun-04