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Unit: SDL_matrix
Class: TMat4D
Declaration: function CountValues (LowCol, HighCol, LowRow, HighRow, LowLayer, HighLayer, LowTimeslot, HighTimeslot: integer; RangeLow, RangeHigh: double): integer;

The method CountValues returns the number of values which fall into the interval given by the parameters RangeLow and RangeHigh. The matrix is searched within the region specified by LowCol, HighCol, LowRow, HighRow, LowLayer, HighLayer, LowTimeSlot, and HighTimeSlot.

Hint: Setting both the low and high parameter of a dimension (i.e. LowCol and HighCol) to zero values forces the method to use all elements of that dimension.

Last Update: 2016-Oct-02