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Class: TDataTable
Declaration: function CountEmptyCells (LowCol,LowRow,HighCol,HighRow: integer): integer;

The function CountEmptyCells counts all data cells within a specified range of cells which are marked as empty (i.e. the CellState property contains the csUndefined flag). The range of the data table elements to be counted is determined by the parameters LowRow, LowCol, HighRow, and HighCol. If any of these parameters receives an invalid value, this value is automatically adjusted to the nearest boundary value (either 1 or NrOfColumns / NrOfRows).

The function returns the number of empty data cells within the specified range.

Hint: Setting both the low and high parameter of a dimension (i.e. LowCol and HighCol) to zero values forces the method to use all elements of that dimension.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20