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Class: TRLData
Declaration: [1] procedure CopyToClipBoard (LeftCol, TopRow, RightCol, BottomRow: integer; AddHeader, UseTabs: boolean);
[2] procedure CopyToClipBoard (LeftCol, TopRow, RightCol, BottomRow: integer; AddHeader: boolean; Separator: string);

The method CopyToClipboard copies the content of all cells in the rectangular range of [LeftCol, TopRow] to [RightCol, BottomRow] to the clipboard. The parameter AddHeader determines whether the column headers are added or not.

There are two overloaded versions of the method: version [1] creates aligned columns by using tabs or spaces. If the parameter UseTabs is TRUE the columns are separated by tabs (ASCII 9), otherwise the text of each cell is extended by spaces to get aligned columns. Version [2] inserts any number of separating characters (parameter Separator) between the elements of a row.

Last Update: 2020-Apr-21