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Class: TVector, TIntVector
Declaration: procedure CopyFrom (VecSource: TVector; SourceElemLo, SourceElemHi, DestElem: integer); { class TVector }
procedure CopyFrom (VecSource: TIntVector; SourceElemLo, SourceElemHi, DestElem: integer); { class TIntVector }

The method CopyFrom copies a part of the vector VecSource to self.The range of elements which are to be copied is specified by the parameters SourceElemLo and SourceElemHi. The destination area is determined by the parameter DestElem. The source vector element addressed by SourceElemLo is copied to the destination element addressed by DestElem. All other elements (up to source vector address SourceElemHi ) are copied to the destination vector at increasing addresses. The copying process stops at the boundaries of the destination vector.

Hint: SourceElemLo needs not be smaller than SourceElemHi, since the method CopyFrom automatically corrects for exchanged boundaries.

Example: The statement VZiel.CopyFrom(VQuell,10,22,1); copies the vector elements 10 to 22 of the vector VQuell to the destination vector VZiel at the addresses 1 to 13.

Last Update: 2020-Jul-17