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Unit: SDL_matrix
Class: TMat4D
Declaration: function CopyArrayToTimeSlot (SrcMat: TDouble3DArray; SrcLowCol, SrcHighCol, SrcLowRow, SrcHighRow, SrcLowLay, SrcHighLay, TimeSlot, DestCol, DestRow, DestLayer: integer): integer;

The method CopyArrayToTimeSlot copies part of the 3D matrix SrcMat into the time slot TimeSlot. The range to be copied is specified in the parameters SrcLowCol, SrcHighCol, SrcLowRow, SrcHighRow, SrcLowLay, and SrcHighLay. Hint: Setting both the low and the high parameters of a particular dimension (for example, SrcLowRow and SrcHighRow) to a zero value selects the entire column, row, or layer, respectively.

The position of the first cell to be filled in is given by the parameters DestCol, DestRow, and DestLayer. Please note that the array indices for SrcMat are zero-based while TimeSlot, DestCol, DestRow, DestLayer are one-based.

The function returns the following error codes. If the specified source range is larger than the destination matrix, the excess values are lost.

 0 ... everything is OK
-1 ... SrcLowCol and/or SrcHighCol is out of range
-2 ... SrcLowRow and/or SrcHighRow is out of range
-3 ... SrcLowLay and/or SrcHighLay is out of range
-4 ... TimeSlot is out of range
-5 ... DestCol is out of range
-6 ... DestRow is out of range
-7 ... DestLay is out of range

Last Update: 2019-Apr-17