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Unit: SDL_replist
Class: TRLData
Declaration: property ColumnCheckMode [ColNr: longint]: TCheckMode;

The property ColumnCheckMode controls whether and how a particular column of the TRLData structure is regarded as a "checkable" column. The parameter ColNr specifies the number of the column (valid range: 1..NrOfColumns).

ColumnCheckMode may be set to the following values:

cmNone The column is not checkable, no check box is displayed
cmBox The rows of the column can be ticked off in multiple ways (each row can be ticked off individually).
cmRadio Only one row of the column can be ticked off (radio button functionality).

Hint: See also the description of the ColumnCheckMode property of report listviews for a figure showing how the check boxes are displayed in the visual component.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20