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Declaration:property AllocSize: integer;

The property AllocSize determines how much memory is allocated when the number of entries of the data container is increased. Memory is allocated in chunks of AllocSize chart items (each of which consumes 88 bytes). By default, AllocSize is set to 1000; it should be increased if more than a few thousand chart elements are to be displayed by the component.

If, for example, AllocSize is set to 20000, room for an additional 20000 data container elements is allocated if the currently reserved memory is exceeded. The optimal allocation size is always controlled by a compromise between optimum performance (high allocation size) and minimum memory consumption (small allocation size).

Hint: Please note that setting AllocSize too high would result in extensive reservation of memory which could slow down systems with little memory considerably. For example, setting AllocSize to 200000 would result in a minimum allocation of approx. 18 MB of memory, another chunk of 18 MB will be reserved when the 200001th chart element is to be drawn.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20