SDL Component Suite - Package Dependences

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All of the advanced packages of the SDL Component Suite depend on the more basic packages. Following is a list of these dependences:

Package         Depends on
BasePack none
MathPack BasePack
ChemPack BasePack, MathPack
GuiPack BasePack, MathPack
GeoPack BasePack, MathPack
Chartpack BasePack, MathPack

Thus, if you use, for example, the package GeoPack, you have to install the packages BasePack and MathPack as well. Of course, if you decide to purchase a particular package we will deliver the required additional packages for free. This means for our example that you get three packages (BasePack, MathPack, and GeoPack) for the price of the GeoPack package.

Hint: If you install a new version of an advanced package you need to install the latest version of the basic packages as well.