Time Stamp Mode

In the Time Stamp Mode SDLRename allows to change the time stamp of files.

The date and time of the time stamp can be set by entering the corresponding values for year, month, day, hour, minute, and second. Please note that the time has to be specified using the 24-hour format.

If you enter an invalid number the box will change its color to red/yellow indicating the mistake. The time stamp process cannot be executed unless the error has been corrected. For the sake of convenience your may the current date and time by clicking the "Now" button. The time can be reset to midnight (00:00:00) by clicking the "Reset Time" button.

You can selectively activate/deactivate a particular part of the date stamp by ticking off the check boxes below the entry fields. This way you can, for example, reset the time to 08:00:00 while leaving the date unchanged.

Last Update: 2008-Sep-06