Product Registration

The program SDLRename is distributed as restricted evaluation copy: you cannot rename more than 50 files at once. If you purchase a license, these limits will be removed. On purchase you'll receive a license code which enables you to convert the evaluation copy into an unrestricted version. For prices please visit the SDL Web site:

License Activation

In order to activate the license please start the program and click on the "Info" button (see figure below). The info window contains a button "Activate License" which allows to activate the license. Click this button and select the license code file (usually named "sdlrename_yourname.lic"). After entering your registration password (which has been sent to you along with the license code) the program is converted into the full unrestricted version.

You can check whether you are using an unregistered (restricted) copy or the full version by clicking the Info button. The info window shows your name and address if the product is a full version.

Last Update: 2008-Sep-05