Predefined Rename Actions

SDLRename offers a list of often required filename conversions. Selecting one of the predefined rename actions automatically switches into the suitable operating mode and sets the parameters of this mode to be able to perform the selected action.
Convert to lower case Converts all filenames to lower case letters. This conversion can be useful if files have to be ported to a Unix environment where filenames are case-sensitive.
Convert to upper case Converts all filenames to upper case letters.
Insert serial number before file extension Inserts a serial number before the file extension.
Insert serial number before file name Inserts a serial number at the beginning of the filename.
Insert date before file name Inserts the current date before the filename. The date will be written as yyyy-mm-dd_.
Convert htm file extension to html Converts all .htm files into .html files.
Convert html file extension to htm Converts all .html files into .htm files.
Replace blanks by underscores Replaces all blanks in filenames by underscores.
Expand umlauts to ASCII character combinations Replaces all umlauts by ASCII character combinations (ä --> ae, ö --> oe, ü --> ue, ß --> ss, µ --> u)
Remove invalid characters Replaces all characters which are not allowed in Windows 8.3 filenames by underscores. This rename action is especially useful for the processing of files which have been received from non-Windows systems.

Last Update: 2006-Nov-01