The process of renaming is a multi-step process which is depicted in the following figure:


The renaming is based on a search and replace approach. Those filenames which match the search criterion (which may be simple conditions or a more powerful regular expression) are changed by replacing the matched search string by the replacement expression. The matching search string is most often only a part of the filename.

SDLRename offers three different types of renaming actions: a simple replacement mode, a simple insertion mode, and a more complex advanced mode which is based on regular expressions. Complex search criteria are split up into several "search tokens" which can be processed individually during replacement. Further, the changing of the time stamp of files is supported, as well.

SDLRename provides a preview feature which allows to check the results before the actual renaming action takes place. In addition, an undo function can revert to the original file names. This gives the user a maximum of security when operating the renaming tool on a huge number of files.

Last Update: 2008-Sep-06