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Class: TRChart
Declaration: property ZoomStack [Layer, StackIx: integer]: TRectDouble;

The property ZoomStack provides access to the zoom stack. Please note the difference between the method ZoomHistory and the property ZoomStack: while ZoomHistory retrieves and sets the scale range parameters, ZoomStack allows to read the values of the ZoomStack on a layer by layer basis without affecting the scales.

The parameter Layer addresses the layer for which the zoom history is to be retrieved. The parameter StackIx may take any value between 1-MaxZoomStack (currently -15) and 0, referring to the oldest setup (StackIx = -15) up to the most recent one (StackIx = 0). ZoomStack returns all zero values if the parameter StackIx is invalid.

Hint: Please note that the number of layers is restricted to two in the Light Edition of the SDL Suite.

Last Update: 2017-Aug-13