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Declaration:property ZoomButton: TSpeedButton;

The ZoomButton property allows to access and manipulate the pointer button of the atlas. All properties and methods of a standard Delphi speed button are available (see the Delphi manual for details).

When the ZoomButton is down you can zoom into and zoom out of a map (provided that there exists another map which fulfills the requirements for zooming). The zoom mode is indicated by a magnifying glass cursor.

Clicking the left mouse button into a map tries to zoom into by finding another map which offers a better resolution and which contains the position the mouse clicked at. Clicking the right mouse button zooms out by loading and displaying a map which has a resolution worse than the current one and which contains the area of the current map.

Hint: Please note that the PointerButton and the ZoomButton must not be down simultaneously, since this will result in unpredictable behavior of TGeoAtlas.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20