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XML Tags

Declaration:see table below

The following definitions help to process user-defined data types within XML files. The constant string arrays contain the identifiers of user-defined data types as strings.

Constant Value Explanation
xmlAlignment array[TAlignment] of string = ('taLeftJustify', 'taRightJustify', 'taCenter') horizontal alignment;
cf. note 1)
xmlBkgFill array[TBkgFill] of string = ('bfSimple', 'bfStretch', 'bfTile') background fill mode
xmlBoundingBox array[TBoundingBox] of string = ('bbNone', 'bbFrame', 'bbFaces') bounding box in Rot3D
xmlColorScheme array[TColorScheme] of string = ('csBWG', 'csSystem') color scheme
xmlCrossHMode array[TCrossHMode] of string = ('chOff', 'chHoriz', 'chVert', 'chBoth') crosshair mode
xmlDateForTime array[TDateForTime] of string = ('dtNone', 'dtOnePerChart', 'dtOnePerDay', 'dtAllTicks') date display mode in TRChart
xmlDateOrder array[TDateOrder] of string = ('doMMDDYY', 'doDDMMYY', 'doYYMMDD') order of date specification
xmlDirection array[TDirection] of string = ('dirUpward', 'dirDownward', 'dirLeftward', 'dirRightward') direction
xmlFigType array[TFigType] of string = ('ftNoFigs', 'ftNum', 'ftTime', 'ftDateTime', 'ftUserText') type of figures
xmlFontStyle array[TFontStyle] of string = ('fsBold', 'fsItalic', 'fsUnderline', 'fsStrikeOut') font styles
cf. note 1)
xmlFrameStyle array[TFrameStyle] of string = ('fsNone', 'fsSimple', 'fsLowered', 'fsRaised', 'fsEmbossed', 'fsEngraved') frame style
xmlLanguage array[TLanguage] of string = ('lgEnglish', 'lgGerman', 'lgFrench', 'lgSpanish') language
xmlMouseActMode array[TMouseActMode] of string = ('maNone', 'maPan', 'maPanHoriz', 'maPanVert', 'maRubberBand', 'maZoom', 'maZoomWind', 'maZoomWindPos', 'maZoomDrag', 'maDragCrossH', 'maDragLabel', 'maRotate', 'maRotAndZoom', 'maRotXOnly', 'maRotZOnly', 'maSelectRect') kind of mouse action
xmlMouseBoxState array[TMouseBoxState] of string = ('msNormal', 'msFirstCorner', 'msRectDraw', 'msFinished') state of mouse box
xmlScaleType array[TScaleType] of string = ('sctXB', 'sctXT', 'sctYL', 'sctYR') scale orientation and position
xmlShadowStyle array[TShadowStyle] of string = ('ssFlying', 'ssBox') style of window shadow
xmlTimeFormat array[TTimeFormat] of string = ('tfHHMMSS', 'tfHHhMM', 'tfAMPM') time format
xmlTxtLblAttachMode array[TTxtLblAttachMode] of string = ('tlamNone', 'tlamXOnly', 'tlamYOnly', 'tlamBoth') attachment of text label
xmlTxtLblMode array[TTxtLblMode] of string = ('tlOff', 'tlsimple', 'tlBox', 'tlUnderline', 'tlShadow') style of text label
xmlVarKind array[TVarKind] of string = ('rnum', 'dnum', 'snum', 'inum', 'lnum', 'bool', 'strg') type of variable
xmlVerticalAlignment array[TVerticalAlignment] of string = ('vaTop', 'vaCenter', 'vaBottom') vertical alignment
xmlYearLength array[TYearLength] of string = ('ylNone', 'ylYY', 'ylYYYY') length of year indicator
xmlZoomState array[TZoomState] of string = ('zsNormal', 'zsDrawWin') zoom state
Note 1: This type declaration is part of Delphi/C++Builder. The XML identifier has been declared within the SDL Component Suite for convenience purposes.

Last Update: 2017-Aug-11