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Unit: SDL_sdlbase
Class: TCustomTextLabel
Declaration: procedure WriteToOpenXMLFile (var OutFile: TextFile; CreateHeader: boolean; DataID: string; Indent: integer);

The method WriteToOpenXMLFile writes the current state of the text label to the open text file OutFile using XML syntax. If the parameter CreateHeader is TRUE a minimum XML header is generated. CreateHeader should be set to FALSE if the text label data is to be appended to an existing XML file. The parameter Indent can be used to shift the XML text by Indent characters to the right (which may be helpful to create an XML text with better readability).

The parameter DataID holds a unique user defined identifier which is stored as the attribute "id " of the <custtextlbl> tag.

Following is a sample XML code as generated by the methode WriteToOpenXMLFile. The tags should be self-explanatory:

  <!-- TCustomTextLabel / SDL Component Suite -->
  <custtextlbl sig="SDLCSuite" vers="1.0" id="">
    <posxy x= 1.000E+0002 y= 1.000E+0001 />
    <colors brd=$000000 bg=$C0C0C0 shdw=$808080 />
    <shadowofs dx=0 dy=0 />
    <layer val=1 />
    <transparent val=0 />
    <visible val=1 />
    <alignment horiz=taCenter vert=vaBottom />
    <attachmode val=tlamNone />
    <font name="MS Sans Serif" size=8 color=$000008 style="" />
    <style val=tlsimple />

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20