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Class: TKohonen
Declaration: procedure WriteToOpenXMLFile (var OutFile: TextFile; CreateHeader: boolean; DataID: string);

The method WriteToOpenXMLFile writes the current state of the Kohonen network to the open text file OutFile using XML syntax. If the parameter CreateHeader is TRUE a minimum XML header is generated. CreateHeader should be set to a FALSE value if the report listview data is to be appended to an existing XML file. The parameter DataID holds a unique user defined identifier which is stored as the attribute "id " of the <kohonen> tag.

Hint 1: For a sample XML file, see the description of the method SaveAsXMLFile.

Hint 2: In order to store additional user defined information about the trained network you may use the property Comment  whose content is stored along with the network data.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20