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How to Use TSLine

The class TSLine implements a class which allows to calculate with and around straight lines in two-dimensional space. The mathematical equation used in this class is

Ax + By + C = 0

You may set up a particular line by either specifiying the parameters A, B, and C (properties ParA, ParB, and ParC), or by using one of the following methods:

  • LineFrom2Points calculates the line parameters from two 2D-points
  • LineFromSlopeIcpt determines the line parameters from the slope and the intercept of the line
  • LineThroughPoint specifies the line parameters by a single 2D-point and the angle beween the line and the x-axis.
Further, there are several properties and methods to get more information about the particular line, or two lines, or a line and a point:
  • Direction calculates the direction of the line
  • Intercept returns the intercept at the y-axis
  • Slope returns the slope of the line
  • AngleBetweenLines calculates the angle between two lines
  • Intersection calculates the intersection point
  • Distance returns the (normal) distance between a point and the line
  • CalcY calculates the y-value for a given x
  • CalcX calculates the x-value for a given y
The following two methods allow to create perpendicular and parallel lines:

Last Update: 2023-Dec-11