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Using TMarkSel

The MarkSel component has been designed to provide a simple means for the interactive selection of symbols defined in unit SDLbase:

These symbols are available either directly via the procedures DrawMarkOnCanvas and CreateMarkAsBitMap, or indirectly via the MarkAt methods of the units RChart, Rot3D, and PolChart, or the OnImageReqest event of TThumbnails.

The selection box may be configured in various ways. First, you have to decide how the symbol array is arranged by setting the properties NrOfColumns and NrOfRows. Second, you may decide not to show all available symbols but only part of them by adjusting their visibility (array property MarkVisible, and methods HideAllMarks and ShowAllMarks). Third, you may adjust the colors of the selection box: ColorBackGnd, ColorHiLiteBG, ColorHiLiteSymbol, ColorMarks, ColorSelBG, ColorSelFG.

In order to select a particular symbol you can either set the Selected property programmatically, or you can select a symbol by clicking on it. If you want to indicate "no selection" you should click the "no symbol" field in the top left corner of the selection box.

Example: A sample application which shows how to use TMarkSel can be found in the collection of example programs: markselection (see for downloading the code)

Last Update: 2013-Mai-14