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Class: none
TSymbolProperties = record
                      Kind        : TLandMarkElement;
                      Size        : integer;
                      FGColor     : TColor;
                      BGColor     : TColor;
                      Transparent : boolean;
                      Direction   : integer;
                      Length      : integer;

The type definition TSymbolProperties specifies the properties of a landmark symbol. The variable Kind controls the visual type of the landmark. Currently the following types of landmarks are available:

The parameter Size controls the size of the landmark symbol (in pixels). FGColor and BGColor specify the foreground and background color of the symbol. The symbol is transparent if the parameter Transparent is TRUE. In this case the background color BGColor is irrelevant.

The parameters Direction and Length control the direction of arrow and triangle landmarks and the length of arrow landmarks, respectively. They are ignored for all other types of landmarks.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20