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Class: none
Declaration: TSortExchgEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; ExchgWhat: byte; index1, index2, first, last: longint) of object;

An event of type TSortExchgEvent is generated when two columns or rows are exchanged during a sorting process. This event can be used to synchronize the sorting of matrix or vector elements with external data structures.

The ExchgWhat parameter specifies whether vector elements ( = 0), matrix columns ( = 1) or matrix rows ( = 2) are exchanged. The parameters index1 and index2 define the indices of the columns (or rows) to be exchanged. The parameters first and last specify the range of rows (or columns) to be affected by the exchange operation.

In the case of the class TVector the parameters first and last are always zero.

Last Update: 2023-Nov-17