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Declaration: TpcTextLabel = class(TPersistent)
  FPosRad : double;
  FPosPhi : double;
  FXShadow : integer;
  FYShadow : integer;
  FColorShadow : TColor;
  FAlignment : TAlignment;
  FAttachDat : boolean;
  FColorBkg : TColor;
  FColorBrd : TColor;
  FTransPar : boolean;
  FFont : TFont;
  FCaption : string;
  FMode : TpcTxtLblMode;
  FOnChange : TNotifyEvent;
  procedure SetTxtLblAlignment (al: TAlignment);
  procedure SetTxtLblPosRad (value: double);
  function GetTxtLblPosRad: double;
  procedure SetTxtLblPosPhi (value: double);
  procedure SetTxtLblColorBkg (value: TColor);
  procedure SetTxtLblColorBrd (value: TColor);
  procedure SetTxtLblColorShadow (value: TColor);
  procedure SetTxtLblTranspar (value: boolean);
  procedure SetTxtLblMode (value: TpcTxtLblMode);
  procedure SetTxtLblFont (value: TFont);
  procedure SetTxtLblCaption (value: string);
  procedure SetTxtLblScreenPos (value : boolean);
  procedure SetTxtLblShadowDx (value: integer);
  procedure SetTxtLblShadowDy (value: integer);
  procedure Changed;
  property PosRad: double;
  property PosPhi: double;
  property AttachToData: boolean;
  property ColorBkg: TColor;
  property ColorBorder: TColor;
  property ColorShadow: TColor;
  property ShadowDx: integer;
  property ShadowDy: integer;
  property Transparent: boolean;
  property Alignment: TAlignment;
  property Font: TFont read;
  property Mode: TpcTxtLblMode;
  property Caption: string;
  property OnChange: TNotifyEvent;

The TpcTextLabel class has been defined to provide convenient user-defined text labels.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20