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Declaration:TOperator = (opNone, opNumber, opAdd, opSubtract, opMultiply, opDivide, opMod, opPower, opGT, opGE, opLT, opLE, opEQ, opNE, opOpenParanth, opClosedParanth, opMinusSign, opPlusSign, opSine, opCosine, opTangens, opArcSin, opArcCos, opArcTan, opAbs, opSign, opSqrt, opSqr, opRound, opNDInt, opNDQuant, opNDDens, opPi, opTrue, opFalse, opExp, opLn, opLg, opGauss, opRand, opFrac, opInt, opAnd, opNot, opOr, opXor);

The TOperator type declares all operators which are recognized by the function evaluator TMathExpression.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20