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Class: none
Declaration: TOnCalcDistanceEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Row1, Row2: integer; var Distance: double) of object;

An event of type TOnCalcDistanceEvent is triggered by the methods TMatrix.CalcDistMat, TMatrix.DistanceOfObjects, and by a user-defined cluster analysis when the distance between two objects represented by Row1 and Row2 of the matrix is to be calculated and the mode of the distance calculation is dmUserDef. The parameter Sender points to the TMatrix instance which triggered the event. The variable parameter Distance has to be used to return the distance between the two objects.

Hint: The CalcDistMat method assumes that data is stored in the "standard" way, i.e. the columns representing the variables and the rows of the matrix representing the objects.

Last Update: 2015-May-29